What is the

Church Planting Northwest Coalition?

We are a regional coalition of leaders focused on networking and resourcing (training, prayer, assessments, coaching, research, etc) throughout the Northwest to accelerate grassroots disciplemaking and church planting movements.   Our coalition is built around the question:

"What can we do together that we can't do apart, if we don't care who get the credit (except God)?"

We began more than 15 years ago as a small group of church planting network leaders. Nicknamed the "Dream Team," they gathered together and dreamed about what would happen if God allowed us individually and collectively to see those dreams fulfilled.  This lasted for a few years and led to shared planter gatherings, among other things.

Fast forward a few more years to 2009, and the reformation of this dream team, version 2.0. The group has had more than 15 different denominations and networks involved in it from time-to-time. It was originally formed to specifically address ethnic planting in Seattle, but when we learned that most people at that table led church planting for their group for multiple states, it became a Northwest Church Planting Coalition for all states. Participants have included some interdenominational groups and denominations. Southern Baptists, Conservative Bapt, American Bapt, Converge, OCI, CEA, A29, Assemblies of God, Foursquare, Christ the King, etc.

Vision & Strategy downarrow


  • Discipling the nations in our region
  • Networking denominations, churches, and leaders throughout the region
  • Training and coaching throughout the region
  • Connecting people and resources to accelerate multiplication movements throughout our region


  • Churches in the northwest focused on disciplemaking and church planting
  • Disciplemaking movements in every city
  • Training, coaching and research provided
  • Ongoing communication systems functioning
  • Shared Commitments
  • Facilitate networking with churches, cp networks, denominations, and teams focused on disciplemaking Provide training and coaching throughout the region
  • Meet together quarterly as regional leaders
  • Pray together


  • Build relationships between those actively involved in church planting in all its forms.
  • Encourage and challenge one another
  • Celebrate stories of ‘success’ and learn from stories of ‘failure’
  • Pray for each other and for areas of particular need
  • Hear from God together on specific strategic advances (Acts 13)
  • Share appropriate resources
  • Work towards the whole Northwest region being covered by a comprehensive disciplemaking/church planting approach
  • Focus on specific aspects of our work: training, research, assessments, coaching, etc.
  • Identify needs, solutions and strategies in the region to further church planting methods
  • Sponsor relevant regional events