Webinar Series: 

Being the Church Post-COVID

Preparing for ministry in the new normal

We know that the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the need to explore how churches engage with their church family as well as how we reach the lost in meaningful ways when people are hesitant to come to church. Like you, we feel the tension and even frustration of longing to be back to normal while trying to figure out how to be the church with both physical and digital expressions. It shouldn’t be so difficult to function as the church. We are the church — and we have to figure out how to avoid valuing or devaluing one form or expression of church more than others.  

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Session 1 | Can a Biblical Church be Digital?

There is much discussion of late regarding whether or not a digital church can be a biblical church  because the people do not physically get together. Is this a fair assessment? Is there a sense in today’s climate and the coming reality of tomorrow that a physical-only church is failing to be biblical by not engaging those who will only participate digitally because of isolation (health, fear) or by how they function (a growing segment of young adults who socialize entirely or almost exclusively online)?

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Session 2 | The Distributed Church: Organic, Online and Onsite

For many churches, it’s been all about Sunday until COVID-19 changed how “worship services” are attended. How can we strive for the integration of non-formal, informal and formal expressions without valuing or devaluing one over another? What would it look like to actually embrace a distributed model of ministry?

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Session 3 | How Coronavirus is Helping Churches Change

As Christ followers we are all so familiar with Romans 8:28 that it can become cliché, but in reality God can do something truly amazing even with something as devastating as a pandemic. Join the discussion about change happening in the church that is leading to Kingdom advancement.

  • New habits and methods of discipleship that utilize technology to lead to exponential growth.
  • A single regional church becoming multiple neighborhood churches.  
  • Engaging phygital means to plant 2 churches more than 2000 miles apart.

Session 4 | What, Why and How is a Church Phygital: A Primer on Leveraging Digital for Physical Church

The advent of 5G internet has implications for the church, just as it does for the family, marketplace and every sector of society. How can the church leverage technology in order to be faithful to our calling to go and make disciples? In this unpretentious overview of opportunities we’ll hear from experienced practitioners who are pioneering new practices, going beyond reach to facilitate genuine engagement. In an era where content is ubiquitous, community and connection are craved. How can the church continue to lead in these critical areas, embodying the gospel in a disembodied context, seeing real personal and communal gospel transformation? This session is about more than “going online” to survive COVID, it’s about thriving and multiplying beyond. Participants will gain actionable insights for churches of all sizes and technical capabilities – tech wizards not required.

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