Stadia Church Planting

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Areas of focus: Church Plating Assessment, Project Management, Fundraising Intensive, Residency, Network Collaboration, Management Team, Planter Training, Coaching, Post-Launch Support, Bloom: Church Planting Women, Bookkeeping

What’s happening in Church Planting:

Stadia is a non-denominational para church ministry that helps churches, networks and denominations multiply, globally and locally through church planting and multi-site support, including leadership development through supported residency opportunities and assessment based development plans.  For more information, click here to watch a 3 minute Stadia explainer video.

Stadia is a church multiplication incubator and accelerator. We partner with ministries like yours, leveraging our expertise, resources and relationships for your church multiplication strategies. In addition to bookkeeping, Stadia provides project management, family support, 501c3 filing, articles of incorporation and EIN establishment, along with exceptional coaching, training and assessment.

Stadia can and loves to collaborate with various church planting leaders, networks and denominations. Stadia is not in competition with anyone, nor does Stadia invite leaders to switch teams –instead, Stadia would like explore joining your team, along with anyone else you are already working with.

Stadia provides support with no-strings attached through the generosity of many Christians who are committed to seeing the Kingdom come through the ministry of the local church. Stadia’s shift to offer our services with no-strings-attached is designed to facilitate Kingdom collaboration.

Nathan “Chivo” Hawkins
West Regional Director

circleemail   Ph. 206.650.4436

As West Regional Director, Nathan implements Stadia’s overall strategy in the western U.S., focusing on partner development, U.S. church planting, global church planting and Stadia advancement. Before coming to Stadia, Nathan played a key role in our Global Church Planting strategy as a Compassion International Church Relations Director. He also has first-hand U.S. church planting experience, having led in a church plant re-launch in New Orleans post-Katrina. As an adoptee and adoptive father, Nathan is passionate about children who come from difficult backgrounds. Originally from inner-city Minneapolis, Nathan grew up in a Christian home in a culturally diverse environment. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Minnesota, working in sports broadcasting and spending all his free time rock climbing, he hungered for greater purpose. He served a church in Juarez, Mexico for a year and a half, which led him to seminary, where he caught the church planting bug. Nathan and his wife Joy have three young children: Benicio, Taegen and Grace. The Hawkins are a family that welcomes foster children and love connecting with the local church.