The Christian Evangelistic Association

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Area: The CEA plants new churches in the Northwest, including Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho

What’s Happening in Church Planting?

The CEA has planted more than 50 new churches in the Northwest since its inception in 1961. 30 of those have launched since 2002. We are in pursuit of a vision to plant 100 new churches in the Northwest.

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for independent, non-denominational churches to come together as Church Planting Networks to support and guide new church planters and their teams to become self-sustaining, multiplying churches themselves.

We’re all about new beginnings- new people meeting Jesus for the first time, new churches reaching those with no relationship with any church in new places around the Northwest where the good news of Gospel needs to be heard.

George Johnson

Executive Director

circleemail  Ph. 253.854.8200

George is a native of the Northwest, born in Portland, OR. He has served ministries in the Seattle area since 1975. As the Executive Director of the CEA since 2002, George leads and oversees church planting projects around the region. He also serves as a Coach and Consultant to a variety of national and international church planting organizations.